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My name is Sofie Butskhrikidze (PITANIUS). I was born in 1986, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently, I reside in New York. I've been drawing for since I can remember but they say, I was two. While still, as a child one might dream of various professions; it was a bit different for me as, since I’ve started to understand and feel the situation around me, I knew I wanted to become an artist. 

Eventually, it led me to enroll at the Fashion Design and Arts Faculty of the State Academy of Arts in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2004-2005, I taught art for kids at a private studio. 

In 2006, I took off one year and moved to London for a year, where I was creating handmade accessories based on my inspiration. Upon returning home I continued my studies and at the same time, I began working as a set designer and makeup artist at the theater. 

In 2008, I graduated from the Academy of Arts. My diploma work - “Immortal Mohegan” - was inspired by my lifelong admiration of Native American Indians. It had remarkable success in gaining a lot of publicity and media coverage. 

At the end of 2008,  I traveled to Marrakech, Morocco for pottery training, learning the native clay techniques and doing a small exhibition. 

In 2009, I went to Amsterdam and started working at the Art gallery. During my five-month working period, I was preparing artwork for the exhibition “Dionaea Muscipula”. That time I was using only oil and acrylic on cardboard. I needed huge cardboard to express myself, my thoughts, and feelings and at that time I still liked colors.

A couple of months later, after returning to Tbilisi, I figured that something had changed. I realized that I couldn’t feel colors anymore; I started to work with ink, having different sensations in my hands and thoughts. 

I fell in love with drawing ornaments while still in my first year at the Academy. It was my language, through which I could talk to others without words. Ornaments became the narratives of my stories, pain, disappointment, joy, dreams, beautiful and at times ugly reality. Used Japanese ink and a fountain pen. I loved the fact that I could control the thickness of each line to get exactly what I wanted. Never used a regular ink pen as it feels too simple and deprived of depth.
In 2012, I participated in the group exhibition “Dual Verse”, held at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. It was an exhibition of two artists, displaying paintings and drawings. George Areshidze (RESHKA) presented oil paintings and I presented the drawings. We wanted to show that different techniques and styles could express similar ideas, feelings, and visions.

In 2013, I went to New York for a couple of days and fell in love with the city. After having visited many countries around the world, I felt that I had found a place where I wanted to live and to create. So, in 2015, I moved there.

In July 2021 I participated in the London Art Biennale, in October in a group exhibition, 'Universal Language IV'' presented by (Gabriel Fine Arts) in London, and in December Red Dot Miami Art Fair.


Artworks are based on my vision, dreams, and reality as I perceive them. I never know what any artwork holds after it is finished as they flow together with my emotions, feelings, and character through different periods of my life. 


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